8. 8. 2016

We have puppies -  info here. We have one female and male. 


Beautiful wishes Phoebe got from her son Aspínka - Hugínka and from the great masters  Miška and Laco {#emotions_dlg.love}




Our sun Phoebe´s birthday today and her three years. Usmívající se We wish her all the best and whether it is still so amazing !!!!

( diet cake was that really enjoyed Baxik, but unfortunately nature arranged differently )







Today we left our beloved Baxik. He lived 13 wonderful years. It was a wonderful companion, protector, friend, lover and sometimes scamp. He was also a great friend of our dog girls Smějící se. Still love you and never forget you !!!! Plačící




On the weekend we went to visit our son Aspen (Hugo) {#emotions_dlg.lol}. Phoebe soon understand, but then I got used. It was nice to observe how they frolic together and then how to fall asleep next to him. Aspen is a very contact, nice, neat and too snuggling, have great pleasure from it Usmívající se.

Thanks to the owners for the love and care they give Hugo!




2. 11. 2014

CACIB Praha, judge: George Kostopoulos, GR

Phoebe Feritte Bugsychampion class - Ex. 4


Judge us laugh, because the report captured that Phoebe is in very good nutritional condition. Yes it is very true, because after puppies us that weight will not go down. Smějící se Our little girl is very fond of eat, so that now we have a little limited. I wonder how we will explain it to her. Mrkající



Eurodog show Brno, judge: Gerard Jipping, NL

Phoebe Feritte Bugsy - champion class - excellent ( from 16 females ) Usmívající se



Today we are eight weeks and we turn a little have grown up Mrkající


And we are six weeks Smějící se



We turn greater Usmívající se All we investigate and then we get tired of it.



Our little boys are already three weeks. They were first with her mother outside {#emotions_dlg.lol} .



Are pleased to announce that in Wednesday, 05.28 Phoebe was born four beautiful puppies. Phoebe managed without complications and all are fine. We have four beutiful boys blue and gray color. We are very happy {#emotions_dlg.love} . More information can be found here.

 Mom with babies 1st day after birth


Today is day 40 after Phoebe coverage. Have us nicely growing bellyUsmívající se


Pregnancy confirmed Smějící se !!! We are expecting puppies about May 26, 2014.

28. 3. 2014

we mated our Phoebe. Information about planned puppies here.


27. 3. 2014

We have a new website from Lucie Skopalova!

2. 3. 2014

CACIB show Drzónkow (PL), judge  Malgorzata Supronowicz
Phoebe Feritte Bugsy – champion class – Ex. 1, CWC

1. 3. 2014

Today Phoebe Feritte Bugsy became the champion club breeders of Italian Greyhounds. We are very happy Usmívající se 

23. 2. 2014

CACIB show Brno DUOCACIB, judge: Bouček František
Phoebe Feritte Bugsy – champion class – Ex.1, CAC

Phoebe 's birthday

Today 23. 2. 2014 our little girl Phoebe celebrated its 2nd birthday! I wish you the best ... We love you {#emotions_dlg.love}

19. 1. 2014

CACIB show Trenčín (SK), judge Malgorzata Wierzchowska, PL
Phoebe Feritte Bugsy – intermediate class – Ex. 1, CAC

5. 1. 2014

National show Brno, judge Tibor Havelka (SK)
Phoebe Feritte Bugsy – Ex.1, CAC, National winner, CAC ČMKU
In this show Phoebe fulfilled conditions for title Czech Champion! We are her terribly proud! Thank you!